What ever happened to the home phone?

from by Cougar Den

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written after the winter of 2009


forget the way we used to laugh and singe our clothes on the outskirts of a town we would barely know, when your head used to fill right up with all those anxieties that made you real, the world was apart from us and you could really touch the lies in time as they grew more concrete from a scope so defined by teenage angst and an escape which only led more of a need to escape, i come home to a barely lit room but the whiteness is still painful, my eyes are dry and my head but when i'm here i know i've misplaced myself somewhere along the road because i search for words and i search for scions that can pass the time that has no meaning, everything just copies itself and the echoes seem to escape far better than i can so i hold my head against the window pane and the sky looks as though it could come right down but i'd have to wait until the glass melts away and the sun breaks apart without any sound and these drugs and drinks, they're just catalysts to speed up the time until one day i know it's limit and wishing i could turn back this is when i'll break apart without any sound


from Cloud Mouth​/​Cougar Den split, released November 13, 2009




Cougar Den Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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